About me

About me


I started in the world of Pilates in 2005 due to a severe spinal injury. I underwent surgery, and from that moment on I decided to strengthen my back and joints so as not to return to the operating room again.

I also suffer from osteoarthritis, I refuse to live with pain! I have the firm belief and experience in my body and in training my students that MOVEMENT HEALS. Conscious, healthy, controlled movement, of course. And that is what Pilates brings to me.


Improves muscle strength and body toning
Increased flexibility and range of motion
Improvement of posture and prevention of back pains
Development of body awareness and mind-body connection
Reducing stress and promoting mental well-being

What you get

I trained as an instructor of the Pilates method with Universal Pilates and Master Pilates schools, then I took my exams in Madrid with PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) to obtain my professional certification: CPT PMA® 14336.

Throughout all these years I have continued training in various pathologies and specializing in different ailments:

Pilates pre and post natal
Herniated disc
Pilates for children, men and seniors
Foot and knee pathologies
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Pilates and lung transplantation
Learning activities

For all people and ages ...

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